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Popular Questions

Adrafinil is an innovative attention promoting supplement and a mild stimulant. Adrafinil was developed in France by Louis Lafon Laboratories, and is a unique agent that has behavioral-activating effects without the undesirable side effects of other stimulants.
Adrafinil comes from the category known as Eugeroics which characterize this unique type of arousal producing agent. Eugeroics are known for promoting wakefulness, mental performance, reducing depression and increasing energy without the usual highs and lows that come from traditional stimulants of the amphetamine class. Adrafinil leads to a natural feeling of being awake without disrupting sleep patterns or becoming physiologically addictive.
Like many other stimulants, though, Adrafinil and other Eugeroics are known to banish procrastination, improve memory focus and recall and are used by many to achieve the extra edge in their career, stay alert and vigilant for long shifts of work that require concentration, banish jet lag and prolong stamina and motivation for exercise. For these reasons, Adrafinil is popular with people from all walks of life, from those performing shift work or intensive military and enforcement duties to airline pilots, executives, writers and body builders.

You might be wondering if the only people taking Adrafinil are college students looking for something better than caffeine. While its’ true that many students supplement their college life with nootropics, other people are benefitting from Adrafinil’s properties as well.
Night shift workers like those whose attention to their task is critical such as truck drivers, and airline pilots, rely on eugeroics like Adrafinil and modafinil to perform their job safely. Not surprisingly, even various military forces have used eugeroics.
Executives and white collar workers have been known to buy Adrafinil to get the extra edge at work, combat chronic fatigue or drive their productivity up. Some have reported that soul-crushing tasks will get your undivided attention with little or no second thought and the motivation to accomplish your list with few breaks will make you feel as limitless as Bradley Cooper’s character in the movie.
Certainly for those suffering from sleep apnea and narcolepsy, Adrafinil can improve their lives.
Main Benefits of Adrafinil
Activates a strong motivational effect
Stimulates greater energy and stamina
Produces noticeable mental focus and attention
Improves sense of well-being and lifts mood.

What Are The Side Effects of Adrafinil?
Like all eugeroics, Adrafinil as only a few side effects. This lack of side effects is thought to be due to its selective stimulation of the brains adrenergic receptors (Proteins which are sensitized to specific chemical compounds). Where as many stimulants use the shotgun approach and target a broad range of receptors, Adrafinil is far more focused in its stimulation.
Note of Warning for the use of Adrafinil
Adrafinil does have some side effects that have been reported and it’s important that athletes be aware that Adrafinil can return a positive result for anti-doping tests. In fact, Adrafinil and modafinil are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as a nonspecific stimulant compound.
As a result of the fact that Adrafinil leads to wakefulness and has a long half-life, it should be taken first thing in the morning or at the onset of a period of time that is desired for alertfulness as it will interfere with sleep if taken closer to bedtime or periods of rest.
Constant use of Adrafinil for an extended period of time should be predicated by a liver enzyme blood tests to attain a baseline and consequently biannual liver enzyme blood tests to ensure against the occasional occurrences of elevated liver enzymes.
Milk Thistle Improves Liver Function
Regarding what can be done to mitigate risk to your liver if you are taking Adrafinil daily, Milk thistle supplementation is known as a way to restore your liver’s health. Milk thistle helps to detoxify your liver and reduces free radicals. Consider taking milk thistle after a Adrafinil cycle to restore liver health should there be any negative effect to reverse. If you systematically cycle your Adrafinil use with milk thistle you should be able to achieve the benefits without suffering side effects.
Other Adrafinil side effects include increased blood pressure and heart health problems, skin rashes or very itchy skin.
Stop taking immediately if you suffer from any negative side effects or contraindications and consult a medical professional quickly.Certificate of Analysis Attached.